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Ham radio base stations or transceivers come with more features over what mobile and handheld radios offer. Nonetheless, though people love the ham base transceiver, most don’t know how to choose the best ham radio base station.
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Yaesu FT-450D

ICOM 7300

Yaesu FT-991A

Kenwood TS-480HX

Galaxy DX 2517

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Yaesu FT-450D Review: Editor’s Choice HAM Radio Base Station

Yaesu FT-450D is not only the most popular ham base station model but also the best in the present market. Also, you get lots of advanced features within a medium budget which definitely satisfies you due to its high-quality.

This Yaesu FT-450D model comes with the application of Frequency Modulation (FM) and Amplitude modulation (AM) in continuous wave propagation of radio frequency. The base transceiver utilizes the upper and Lower Side Bands. Besides, it transmits a 100-watt output power on the 6-160M band.

This Ham base station can receive 30KHZ to 50 MHZ including all types of short waves. In addition, it is capable of broadcasting Amplitude Modulation (AM). On the other hand, it has a built-in antenna with the auto-tuning facility.

The Continuous Wave (CW) filters in the range of 300 and 500 Hz. This radio base is configured to give a top performance that most radio base cannot afford. Not only that, but it is also user-friendly since it is easy to operate.

The Yaesu FT-450D has the great ability to attenuate a particular band frequency below and above, which is very useful for both the contesters and the occasional operators. This tool is also helpful for field or portable enthusiast and service providers.

This model of Yaesu has some key features like illuminated key buttons of 300Hz, 500Hz and 2400Hz CW filters put on the stand of the front feet. This base station transceiver has a classic design and the knobs that have been set up are MH-31A8j. It is superior to all the others. Thus we can assure you that it is the best ham radio transceiver.


  • A great product with a reasonable price.
  • Its receiver has outstanding sensitivity.
  • Its LCD and size are quite good.
  • Precise transmitter and receiver performance.
  • It possesses useful DSP implementation.


  • The internal automatic tuner is limited.

ICOM 7300 Review: High Quality HAM Radio Base Station

If you have a high budget to help you buy the best Ham radio base transceiver, then you can select this ICOM 7300 model. Though the price of this base station is high, it is one of the top quality ham radio base transceiver you may find around.

The ICOM 7300 Direct base station comes with 100-watt output power. It has a compact size and solid construction. The AM, known as amplitude modulation, uses 25-watt output power. The RX or Receiver Frequency for this transceiver ranges from 0.03-74.80MHz and uses direct sampling method, which is better than other methods.

This base station has a 4.3″ LCD color touch screen and a spectrum scope by which you can easily find out the weak signals after adjusting resolution bandwidth. Definitely, these features come in handy.

ICOM 7300 has an auto tuner integrated inside the tool. Moreover, the transceiver uses the Single Side Band (SSB), which means that the inbuilt amplifier can be used more efficiently.

Besides, this tool has the facility of RTTY. That means, the radio teletype, is a communication system that allows you to interconnect two or more electromechanical teleprinters at different locations via its radio waves in place of a wire.

This amateur transceiver uses the Continuous Wave (CW) efficiently. After a detailed review, we realized that this is one of the best base station for ham radio.


  • It has a compact and solid construction.
  • Excellent high-frequency radio with bells and whistle.
  • Transmitting audio signal is fantastic.
  • The spectrum scope is a top feature.


  • The price of this base station is a little high for some to afford
  • It is not excellent in rejecting QRM from bypass band.

Kenwood TS-480HX Review: Amateur Radio Base Transceiver

Kenwood TS-480HX model comes with a very high power output of 200 watts. It utilizes 13.8 volts DC and 100 watts for 50 MHZ propagation. This base station transmits and receives with a digital signal of 16 bits auxiliary flag, AF. It receives a continuous frequency of 500kHz-60MHZ.

The transceiver has a Variable Frequency Oscillator (VFO), which is very important in a tunable radio receiver and works at a frequency of 30 KHZ. In addition, this base station has the special feature of having a transmitter that can cover all ham bands, from 1.8MHZ to 50 MHZ.

The Kenwood TS-480HX has a separate LCD control panel and an excellent speaker built in at the front panel. This Kenwood transceiver can be tailor-made for portable performance.

Though the equipment is compact in size, it can easily handle an output power of 200 watts with a DC supply of 13.8 volts. The independent control panel has a speaker, which makes the radio a great choice to buy. On the other hand, this base transceiver does not only possess all the powerful features of 100W TS-480SAT, but it also possesses a built-in antenna tuner.

Moreover, it is far better than most brands in the market; thus, we can attest that it is a top base transceiver for ham radio station.


  • High transmitting and receiving power.
  • Covers all amateur bands- 1.8-50MHZ.
  • Flexible design both portable and base.
  • Clear crystal audio reception.
  • The product possesses a built-in antenna tuner.


  • Setting up a bit difficult.

Yaesu FT-991A Review: All Mode Ham Base Transceiver

The Yaesu original FT-991A has come with a compact and rugged case of W9.0″ by H3.2″ by D9.3″ and it can easily deliver an output power of 100 watts on a Single Side Band (SSB). More so, both Frequency Modulation (FM) and Amplitude Modulation (in a continuous wave) and CW wave are applicable in this transceiver.

Moreover, this Ham transceiver has a great feature of C4FM, which means that it can use a constant 4 level frequency modulation on popular 50, 140, 430 MHZ, high-frequency bands. It uses the spectrum scope of dynamic real-time, which facilitates the ability of radio operators to view the exact location of signals on the bands while they listen to the receiver.

Yaesu FT-991A has been equipped with a multi-color waterfall display by which you can easily see the signal strength on the band. In this Yaesu model, different colors appear in chronological order so that the operators can readily observe weak signals at a glance. Also, they can see the missing signals on the spectrum scope.

All these additional features make the transceiver more efficient. Due to these features, this base station transceiver is highly accepted by most ham radio operators since it is reliable and enhances flawless HF, VHF and UHF radio bands communication in one radio.

Yaesu FT-991A model does contain not only all the features included in original version FT-991 but also a 3 kHz roofing filter that attenuates interfering signals very effectively. The transceiver of this radio ham provides outstanding performance and offers high-quality audio sound to the listeners.

The radio comes with a 3.5” TFT. This enhances top-notch operation as well as visibility of the touch panel, which features full-color.

While writing these ham radio base station reviews, we realized that ham radio is a high-quality receiver. You see, while receivers are listening to the audio, they can as well view the graphics signal location. This is made possible by the real-time dynamic spectrum.


  • Compact size with a rugged case.
  • Ability to know the signal location.
  • The signal strength is easily visible.
  • Reliable and flawless communication.
  • 32 bit high-speed DPS for efficient cancellation.


  • Too many display knobs.

Galaxy DX 2517 Review: Best 10 Meter Radio

The Galaxy DX-2517 base station comes with a new PC board in order to maintain increased stability and sensitivity. It is also in compliance with Single Side Band (SSB), AM, FM, Continuous Wave (CW) and Public Address (PA) system.

This ham radio comes with a 5-digit frequency counter. Besides, it has easily readable meters. These meters are two and they help in showing the signals.

This base transceiver has been equipped with a 5-digit frequency counter and two large meters, which are very easy to read. Not only that but also in this machine, a meter scale for signals and power output has been incorporated.

Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) is a measure of impedance matching of loads along with amplitude modulation, which works effectively in this ham transceiver.

Galaxy DX-2517 works very nicely with variable dimmer controls. That is, a red and green LED bulb to indicate transmitter and receiver signals. On the other hand, a noise filter circuit has been equipped in order to have an increased ratio for signal over noise interference.

This Galaxy model also uses noise blanker and noise limiter, which are automatic in functioning. Additionally, a talkback circuit with the facility of volume control is available and is switchable on demand. More so, on this base station, there is a provision for roger beep; microphone gain, as well as antenna gain.


  • Increased stability and sensitivity.
  • High-quality audio performance.
  • Automatically limits the noise.
  • Both transmitting and receiving signals are strong.
  • The size is compact and the product is lightweight.


  • Sound not much clear.

Guide to Choose the Best HAM Radio Transceiver:

The market for amateur ham radio base station is growing fast due to increasing demand from customers. Your goal is to pick the best radio base station for your personal need or other purposes as needed and this guide will definitely give you valuable information in selecting the best ham radio base station.

The amateur radio base station nowadays is gaining its popularity not only throughout the world but also in spacers due to its superiority over the internet and phone communication.
Nonetheless, after carefully discussing these best rated ham radio base stations, it may be a bit confusing for you to decide which one to go and which not to buy.

But you do not need to worry. We have you covered right here. With this guide, you will get to know the best ham radio base transceiver you can purchase. On the other hand, you will never at any one time regret why you spent your money on it.

The factors listed here will help you to determine which is the perfect ham radio base transceiver to purchase.

Let’s dive right in:

Features To Consider to Select the Best Ham Radio Base Station

1. Longevity: No one wants to spend money on the same product after every short while. That is why; considering the make of the product is crucial before paying for it. Consider if the product will serve you long enough before you need to replace it. That is how you get value for your money.

2. Output power: Bear in mind, that the higher the power output, the more the capacity to transmit signals. So, when buying, depending on how far you want your voice to be heard, consider the power output. In a nutshell, the more the power output, the more the ability to connect with people who are far.

3. Frequency: Lower frequency below 1 GHZ is always preferable for amateur ham radio base transceiver operation. This is because it has a short wavelength which can quickly propagate through the obstacles like walls, buildings and towers without attenuation.

You will have to decide where you would like to use it, in a densely populated area or on free land. Depending on the situation, you can get the proper allocation of frequency.

4. Display: Decide if you want to use the alphanumeric LCD unit or the illuminated keypad. What you need to consider is if you will need to use your ham when it is dark or only during the day. If you want to use it even in the dark hours, go for the illuminated keypad since you will be able to see clearly at all times.

5. Product Quality: Quality matters and that is why quality is the major determining factor when valuing a product. Still, it is the quality that makes it possible for the radio station to last long enough or break down several years after purchase. That’s why you are not going to ignore the quality of your radio if you want to have it for many years.

6. Design: As much as you are looking for a high-quality product as well as one that is durable, it is crucial that you are going to consider the design. You see, you do not want to buy a product that won’t fit well in your intended space.

Otherwise, you will end up making a loss. So, be sure that the design will fit well in the intended area. Again, consider purchasing the model that you will not have trouble operating. For example, you may want to consider a ham with a touch screen to make it easy to operate.

7. Features: Be specific with what you want and if you do not know what you should look for in a top-quality ham station, seek help. This is what we are saying. Each ham station has some features. For instant, touch screen, water imaging, digital processing of signals, ability to control from the personal computer and the like. The more the features there are, the better the ham station is and the more user-friendly it will be.

8. Programmable: When buying, be sure if you want to have a ham station that you can program using the computer or the manual programmed station. The fact; however, is that the one that allows you to program using your computer saves you lots of time and money. So, it is worth going for that one instead of the manually programmed one.

Steps Necessary before Buying a Ham Radio Station

You don’t just wake up one day and decide to have a ham radio base station. No! Just as we have stated previously in this review; you need to do a test to obtain a license. But to help you understand more clearly, we will discuss two crucial requirements that you need to consider having before you can think of buying the best ham radio base station.

First necessity: The test

Firstly, it is crucial to note that you will need to pay some small fee so as to do the test we have been mentioning in this review. After that, you will be allowed to do a test. Passing gives you full authority to possess your license.

But why do you need this license? You will be in a position to broadcast in any desired frequency. The type of license you qualify for is what determines the frequency and watts you are going to transmit your signals at.

Nonetheless, if you intend to listen to the various broadcasts exclusively, there is no need for a license.

However, don’t use it for broadcasting if you do not have a license. Why? The FCC can fine you for broadcasting regardless of the circumstances. It is, therefore, good to consider the purposes you intend to acquire the ham radio base transceiver for.

Second necessity: Equipment

Don’t be shocked yet. Not everyone needs additional equipment other than those that come with the ham radio station. For example, if you need the ham radio base station to listen to broadcasts, there may be no necessity for additional tools. This is because; the radio station comes with some equipment that will be enough to serve your purposes.

For instant, earphones, antenna, a microphone, pack of batteries and some more power supply tools.

Nonetheless, if you are seeking to have the best ham radio base transceiver for broadcasting use, there may be a need for extra equipment (if they are not included during purchasing).

Questions and Answers on Ham Radio Base Station

Q. What is ham radio base station?

Ans: Firstly, Ham radio base station may also be referred to as amateur radio base station. In order to enjoy it to the fullest, you need to have an “amateur band” frequency, which makes its operation better. More so, you can choose to either use Amateur for your commercial purposes or private use.

Not only that, but it also involves different types of communication. Such may include voice communication, Morse code, radio teletype and image transmission plus many others. Nonetheless, if you would want to possess a ham radio, just as we have said, you will definitely need to take a test, which if you pass qualifies you to have the license.

Q. Who uses ham radio base transceiver?

Ans: Simple; anyone! That is; regardless of who you are and where you live, you can use a ham radio base station. That is so because you can easily use it anywhere to connect with people of all ages throughout the entire continent at any time. You must need to take ham radio license or follow government rules regarding ham radio.

Q. Why Ham radio base station different from others?

Ans: Actually, ham radio base station transceiver is a bit different from the 2 ham radio types; mobile and handheld ham radio. To start with, this base station has a different size. Also, the settings and the technology it uses to operate is different. That also explains why it has a different price.

On the other hand, you can install it in your car, hold it in your hand, or fix it in your belt clip. You can set the base station ham radios in your home or your workplace. Also, they stay there permanently. Nonetheless, due to its size, the base station requires a big space to install it. Again, it is a bit heavy when you compare it with other ham stations. Their price is a bit high as compared with the other two versions.

Q. What type of Ham radio Licenses are available?

Ans: Three types of licenses are available. Firstly, we have a general license. The next is technical license and lastly, the amateur extra license. Nonetheless, there is a test you need to pass to get the general license. With the license, you are free to communicate with anyone in the whole universe.

This license is a prerequisite. Technical license is an entry-level license and you need to pass an examination in the previous entry.

After passing and qualifying for the license, you can start using more than 30MHZ frequencies. Nevertheless, you can only communicate locally with the technical license. Like other licenses, you have to pass a test to qualify for the license. It is after making it in the exam that you are eligible to access all bands and modes.

You can get all the information regarding base stations from the manufacturer’s manual.

Final Words:

Ham radio base station is designed in such a way that the serious radio hobbyist is attracted. In recent days ham radio is getting popular day by day for its mobility, portability and ability to hold it with your hand. And because ham radio base station can transmit a longer distance and it is more powerful than the business band or CB radio, its demand is increasing.

However, remember you will have to acquire a license if you want to broadcast, which will mean that you have to do the test and pass. Nevertheless, you don’t have to fret; the tests are not much tough. Mainly, if you have got some basic electronic circuit knowledge and you have studied the basic components of the base station, you can easily reach your goal.

If you are keen on the buying guide we have given you; you will easily choose the best ham radio base station for yourself among the lot.