Motorola Radios

Here at liGo, we tend to recommend Motorola two-way radios over all other brands. There are plenty of reasons for this. For one, they One of the great things about Motorola two-way radios is the sheer amount of choice on offer. As one of the biggest telecoms companies in the world, it’s no surprise that Motorola produce a wide range of different walkie talkies. If you’re just looking for a basic model at an affordable price, or something for the kids, then we have an array of such walkie talkies to choose from. On the other hand, we also have an extensive range of more premium models available, too. With advanced features and a more robust build quality, these are a great pick if your new two way radios will see more extensive use.
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Motorola TLKR T92

Licence-free Two Way Radios

Motorola XT660 Digital

PMR446 Two Way Radio with Charger



Motorola XT180

Two Way Radio

Motorola XT460

Two-Way Radio

Motorola Radios

You’ll also want to consider how you’ll be using your new two-way radios. Generally speaking, Motorola walkie talkies are fairly durable. However, if you need something robust, then be sure to check the radio’s IP rating. Some, like the TLKR T92, are even waterproof, making them a great choice for kayaking and similar activities.

That means they can cope with some serious use. Their less expensive models therefore make great choices for kids, since they can take more punishment than other handsets of the same price. On the other hand, Motorola also have a wide selection of two-way radios that are specifically designed for heavy use. These models are IP rated to make them weatherproof, making them ideal for outdoor use. Some, like the Motorola T92, even float. If you are looking for walkie talkies that are built to last, then we would definitely recommend Motorola as your first choice.

Motorola TLKR T92 Licence-free Two Way Radios

Our Verdict
Quality piece of kit with good range, easy to use & robust.
What We Think
The Motorola TLKR T92 H2O is more or less identical to its predecessor the T80 Extreme; boasting a maximum range of up to 10km, rugged and weatherproof design, and all the same features. Built to withstand the elements, the TLKR T92 is one of the most robust two-way radios around. It even contains a floating core, which makes it ideal for kayaking and other water-based adventures. It also comes with a host of other features, including an integrated torch, helping you to save valuable space in your kit bag. Combining durability with a sleek design and a decent 16 hours of battery life, the TLKR T92 is a reliable choice that offers great value for money and at this price is an unquestionable Best Buy!
Product Features
  • License free walkie talkies
  • Range up to 10km (subject to terrain and conditions)
  • 8 PMR Channels + 121 codes
  • Rugged and all weatherproof (IP67) design

Motorola XT660 Digital PMR446 Two Way Radio with Charger

Our Verdict
The best digital two-way radios on the market – the ideal choice for businesses.
What We Think
The Motorola XT660 two way radio is an advanced device ideal for companies who know the importance of fast communication. With a wide range of cutting-edge features, you’ll always be able to stay organised. Whether contacting just one person, or your entire team, the Motorola XT660 makes things simple. What’s more, there’s also the choice of both digital and analogue channels, to make communication even easier. With handy remote management functions, you can keep track of your two way radio fleet, or disable radios should they become lost. That way, your communication network is always kept safe and secure. Finally, the Motorola XT660 also comes with text messaging functionality via the keypad. If conditions don’t allow for verbal communication, your team will still be able to keep connected.
Product Features
  • Communicate one-to-one or with a group
  • Includes both digital and analogue channels
  • Keypad allows you to send text messages
  • Crystal-clear audio quality
  • Includes charger

Motorola TALKABOUT T82 Extreme Two-Way Radios

Our Verdict
Rugged and weatherproof, the T82 also comes with a carry case for easier transportation.
What We Think
The Motorola T82 Extreme Two Way Radios are rugged and weatherproof with an IPX4 rating and a hidden screen that can light up making it easier to navigate through the menu. With range of up to 10km, they are ideal for hiking, skiing, or other outdoor activities where you need to keep in contact. What’s more, the T82 also includes a number of handy extra features, such as an LED flashlight for professionals working at night. A further benefit of the T82 includes a vibration alert function to work without disturbing others and the iVox function, with which you can enjoy automatic activation by voice and hands-free.
Product Features
  • Up to 10km range
  • LED torch, vibrate alert & hands-free
  • LCD display with backlight
  • Weatherproof IPx4

Motorola XT180 Two Way Radio

What We Think

Developed specifically for business and commercial users, the Motorola XT180 is a general purpose two-way radio ideal for users needing to stay in touch with staff, colleagues or team members quickly, easily and economically. The Motorola XT180 provides you with all the convenience and benefits of two-way communications without the cost or hassle of obtaining an operating licence. Multiple new handsets can be added to your radio fleet at any time and existing Motorola PMR446 users can also expand their existing radio fleets with Motorola XT180 radios to accommodate a growing workforce.

Product Features
  • 8 PMR Channels with channel monitor/scan
  • Range of up to 8km (5 miles)
  • Interference eliminator codes give a choice of 121 interference eliminator codes which can be set for each of the 8 channels
  • IPx2 Sealing making the radio splash proof

Motorola XT460 Two-Way Radio with Charger

What We Think

Featuring a highly durable and water-­ resistant design, the Motorola XT460 is a two­-way radio system that is built to last, even through intensive use in harsh industrial environments. A powerful business radio, it provides an exceptionally clear signal thanks to the eight channels and 219 user-­ selectable privacy codes available. What’s more, this model is incredibly adaptable, using a custom programming service that allows you to adjust the setup to perfectly suit the unique needs of your business.

Product Features
  • Rugged design
  • License-free PMR446 frequencies
  • Advanced Voice Activation (VOX)