McCulloch has a long history of developing, high performance garden tools that are tough, reliable and importantly, have the power to get the job done. Not only will you get those boring garden chores done quickly, you will look good doing it too, with McCulloch's stylish, slick design.
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Robot Lawnmowers



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McCulloch ROB's Hard Working


Meet ROB, the McCulloch robotic lawnmower. ROB will automatically cut your grass for you, so you don’t have to. He is the strong silent type that independently goes about his business To Get The Job Done! 

Tell ROB when to mow, day or night, rain or shine, up to 24/7. He never complains or needs a drink, just the occasional rest at home to recharge. He even cuts lawns with slopes with a gradient up to 35% (ROB S models).

McCulloch ROB S600

Ideal for gardens up to 600m2, the ROB S series are our most advanced robotic mowers yet. Easier to install & program, thanks to its flexible charge station positioning, simple set up wizard & intuitive keypad. ROB will automatically navigate the garden mulching the grass into fine clippings that fertilise the lawn, meaning there is no grass box to empty. When the battery is low, ROB intelligently finds its way back to the docking station to recharge. Bluetooth connectivity with a dedicated smartphone app, make it even easier to control the mowers functions & to trouble problems. Also features time saving, preset cutting functions & schedules. Supplied with 150m of boundary wire, 200 staples and all the necessary connectors for quick and easy installation.

Lawn Shield

Intelligent adaptive cutting system which automatically changes mowing schedule based on lawn growth. Preventing wear on the lawn.

Flexible Charging Station Position

Gives you the freedom to position the charging station almost anywhere you like around the edge of the lawn.

Guide Wire Technology

Improves navigation in complex gardens for a more even finish, and intelligently helps Rob to find his way home without leaving unwanted tracks.

Simple Set-up Wizard

Installation made easy thanks to Rob’s simple set-up wizard, quickly guiding you through initial installation step by step.


Let ROB do the job! ROB the McCulloch robot lawnmower cuts the grass for you so you don’t need to. ROB is the unsung hero of your lawn cutting the grass quietly day after day so you don’t have to. You will never have to cut your grass or empty a grass box again.

How It Works

A 60 second video to show you how the McCulloch robotic lawn mower works.

Rob knows who’s boss

Tell Rob when to mow, day or night, rain or shine, up to 24/7 and he never complains or needs a drink, just the occasional rest at home to recharge.

Rob’s Hard Working

Rob automatically mows a lawn up to 1,000m2 so you don’t have to. Let Rob do the job.

Rob’s green fingered

Rob cuts the grass into small clippings naturally feeding the lawn as he goes, making it stronger and healthier.

CS 340

Ideal for occasional use the CS 340 is a 38cc petrol powered chainsaw that has an power output of 1.3kW and capable of a 14”-16” bar. The CS 340 is equipped with a manual side chain tensioner. Weighing only 5.2kg this petrol chainsaw also features OxyPower technology, Soft Start, integrated combi tool, felling sights, CCS and a full anti-vibration system.


With the OxyPower engine technology, you can get that extra power to shape nature, without hurting it. This technology offers a better fuel efficiency, meaning more power but also 70% less emissions and 20% lower fuel consumption.

Soft Start

Makes it easier to start your McCulloch product by reducing the resistance in the starter cord by up to 40%.

CCS long-life air filter system

With the innovative CCS air filter system, the chainsaw can be used longer with less air filter service. By the use of centrifugal cleaning, the intake air is pre-cleaned and larger particles are ejected before reaching the main air filter.

Felling sights

Marks on handle which makes it easier to fell with precision.

GB 320

Ideal for occasional use the GB 322 is a 25cc petrol powered blower that has an power output of 0.75kW and capable of blow speeds up to 320km/h. The GB 320 weighs only 4.25kg and also features flare nozzle and easy to attach tubes.

Blows or sweeps

Blows or sweeps the leaves easily for a neater garden

Flare nozzle

For concentrated and increased blowing power.

Easy to attach tube

For quick assembly and simple storage.

Easy to Attach Tubes

For quick assembly and simple storage solutions

SuperLite 4528

Ideal for occasional use the SuperLite 4528 is a 21.7cc petrol powered hedge trimmer that has an power output of 0.6kW. The SuperLite 4528 has a blade length of 45cm and a blade gap of 28mm. Weighing only 4.8kg this petrol hedge trimmer also features dual action blades, reciprocating cutting, Soft Start, anti-vibration handles, auto return stop switch and a tool-less air filter cover.

Soft Start

Reduces to resistance in the start cord by up to 40% and therefore making the product easier to start

Product specification
  • Cylinder displacement: 21.7 cm³
  • Knife Length: 45 cm

    Low Noise Engine

    Effective engine design for low noise without a loss of power

Tool-less Air Filter Cover

Easily access the air filter for maintenance via the tool-less screw cap

Dual Action Blades

Provides a more efficient cut and showcases an exellent cutting performance

10 things you didn't know about a robotic lawnmower

Have you been introduced to the McCulloch robotic lawn mower yet? ROB is our new, battery powered, automatic robotic lawn mower innovatively designed, that gives you a perfectly finished lawn with minimal effort.

Yes it looks good. Yes it’s powerful. Yes your lawn will look thicker and greener. But we bet there are some things you didn’t know it could do.

We’ve rounded up the top 10 things you need to know about ROB…

1. He’s fully programmable

You heard us right. ROB is fully programmable meaning you can tell him how and when to mow your lawn. You can get him to cut the lawn at night or during periods when you aren’t in the garden, ensuring that you can spend every minute the sun is out enjoying spending time in the garden, rather than mowing the grass.

2. He actually feeds the lawn

ROB doesn’t collect grass, he simply trims the very tips of the blades of grass to create micro clippings that turn to mulch and feed the lawn – bonus! This makes the lawn not only greener, but thicker too. Best of all, because he cuts the grass so frequently you won’t ever see the grass clippings.

3. He leaves no tracks or patches

Designed to adapt to all surfaces, ROB, the McCulloch robot lawn mower cuts the grass in an irregular pattern, so won’t leave your lawn looking uneven or with strange track lines.

Once ROB has finished, you’ll be left with the ultimate evenly-cut lawn. Unlike other robotic lawn mowers who simply follow the boundary wire to the charging station, ROB uses a guide wire to guide himself back to his charging station. He then changes the distance he travels from this wire to avoid producing track marks and worn areas of grass.

4. He’s safe

Do you have pets or small children who love to play in the garden? Even the most mischievous little ones are protected by ROB’s safety features. The rotating cutting blades stop immediately if the McCulloch robotic lawn mower is tilted or flipped over.

5. He has anti-theft featues

ROB is protected. He has his own unique pin code and is paired to a specific charging station meaning that he will not work without it. If picked up, ROB will let out a loud audible scream to alert you to the danger, and requires entry of the correct pin code to silence him.

6. ROB is flexible, he can operate 24 hours a day

Want to use your garden during the day? Or perhaps you’ve just seen the weather forecast and tomorrow it’s going to pour. Well, fear not. Tell ROB when to cut the lawn day or night, rain or shine. ROB is so quiet it can run overnight so you can wake up to a freshly cut lawn.

7. He’s quiet

Unlike petrol or electric lawn mowers, ROB is battery powered so is almost silent. Meaning you won’t annoy the neighbours if you use it at night, and you can still enjoy the garden whilst he’s at work.

8. He’s weatherproof

Like most of us ROB doesn’t like to work in the snow or during lightning storms.. Although he doesn’t mind a spot of rain. He will happily continue mowing the grass when it’ raining.

9. He comes in two sizes

ROB comes in two sizes to manage both small and larger lawns. ROB R600 can manage areas up to 600m2, whereas the ROB R1000 can cover 1000m2.

10. He takes himself to bed

Once ROB has done the job he automatically takes himself to the charging station, taking even that final task out of your hands.

It’s almost too good to be true. So, what are you waiting for? Fire up the BBQ and let ROB do the job…..